Helene Normand

A contemporary marine artist who is an integral part of her passion…the sea.

Originally from the Gaspésie, I grew up near the Saint-Laurent river and have always needed to be able to be close-by and to be able to see this grandiose landscape from which I cannot separate myself. This exceptional relationship between myself and the sea, which I express through the use of boats has inspired me to try to convey all the emotions that this vast landscape brings to me.

Self-taught, I have dedicated myself full-time to painting for the past twenty years. My focus is the interest that I have in the history of navigation, particularly the maritime history of Québec.

My historic and artistic research pushes me to constantly question the ideal relationship, especially the proper balance, between colours, textures, light and movement. This rendering is often difficult to express. This exploratory process fascinates me and prompts me to constantly push further.

Certain well-known artists, have influenced me. His marine inspired palette full of fug has caused me to create atmospheres which blend the sky and the sea, fogs of various density, the different light at the begenning or end of the day, and whatever harmonious emotions strike me at the time. The inclusion of the boat thus becomes the essential element of my marine landscapes.

It becomes the Body.
My body in the Boat.
I am the Boat and the Water is Emotion.

I define myself as a contemporary artist as far as the figurative and the abstract are concerned and conveying the exactness of the subject is essentiel for me. The pleasure and freedom that I get from handling the spatula with the help of my medium, wich is oil, increase tenfold when I succeed to create a sphere of in fluence, a fluidity and a transparency in my paintings; is one word, an atmosphere.